Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

A vacuum cleaner is a must-have item for any household, but with an ever-expanding product range available, how exactly do you know which type of machine is the right one for your home?

We’re here to make the decision a little easier by explaining all the need-to-know features of vacuum cleaners – from bagged to bagless, to pet-specific models and even robot cleaners.


An upright vacuum cleaner is great for all types of carpet and is ideal if you have a larger home. They are good for deep cleaning carpet and for picking up pet hair. You may also find they are cheaper than other types of vacuum. Bear in mind that they can be awkward for stairs (although should come with plenty of useful attachments), and they can be heavy to lift and more difficult to store. You may also be limited by the length of the power cable.


These are much lighter than upright vacuum cleaners, consisting of a main tank with a long hose. With a motorised brush roll head, these versatile cleaners come with a wide range of different attachments, making them suitable for use on carpets, curtains, sofas and stairs, and they can easily clean tight corners. Make sure you consider the fact that you’ll need more storage space for a canister vacuum, and as the main tank follows you as you clean. They can get slightly annoying, bumping into furniture along the way.

Backpack Vacuum

Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, backpack vacuums make it easy for employees to continuously clean for long periods of time. Most models come with ergonomic pads and back supports for employee safety, plus they are light enough for people of various statures to use. Since employees wear this type of vacuum just like a backpack, it keeps their hands free to manage the wand and power cord or to move furniture out of the way.

Stick vacuum

Stick vacuum is just like an upright vacuum cleaner with compact size and lightweight. These vacuum cleaners known for their easy maneuverability and versatile design that makes it to clean hard to reach places like underneath furniture and stairs too. If you are suffering from back bending pain and looking for lightweight vacuum that can easy movable, stick vacuum cleaner should be your choice. Moreover, some models like a Bissell Featherweight Pro 1611 can convert from an upright into a handheld vacuum cleaner gives flexibility to clean curtains and car interiors. Some of the models are equipped with inbuilt battery for high maneuverability.

Robotic vacuum

Robotic vacuum cleaners seems like science fiction, but it becomes true in twenty first century. These disk shaped (sometimes square shape too) are battery powered and capable move, vacuum all over on your floor without human intervention by using its advanced hardware, software technology. These vacuum cleaners are flexible to clean all your mess even when you are not at home or while you are relaxing. Just you have to schedule when to clean, that’s it, it will starts it work and moreover, on lack of battery charge it goes to its power docking station and charge itself, again starts vacuuming, cleaning.