Wearable Devices

Wearable Devices: All That You Need to Know to Make an Informed Decision

We live within a world defined by an enhanced sense of digital connectivity. Millions of consumers rely upon technology such as smartphone applications and wireless Internet to speak with their friends, to check the latest news and to keep up to date with their emails. Thanks to the advancement of other devices such as smart watches and fitness trackers, it is now possible to access a wealth of information within seconds. It should therefore come as no surprise that these very same gadgets have become extremely popular items. Whether you are hoping to purchase a memorable Christmas gift or you require a wearable device to keep up to date with a workout program, there are numerous options at your disposal. However, this could lead to a slight issue. How are you to know which one to choose and what are some of the signs of a quality product? Let's take a further look at these understandably logical questions.

The Signs of a Good Wearable Device

Wearable devices come in all shapes and sizes. Some variants such as wireless Bluetooth earbuds are easy to handle and they are hardly visible. Others including VR headsets are still quite robust. Regardless of the dimensions of the unit, some universal questions should still be asked. Is the device in question comfortable to wear or will it cause ergonomic problems? Can it be used in the outdoors or if you plan on visiting the beach? While many devices are resistant to elements such as water and dust, be sure to check to determine if this is the case. Can the device withstand a certain amount of physical shock (such as if it is accidentally dropped)? Finally, what type of warranty is associated with the price? The best devices on the market offer money-back guarantees if you happen to encounter a physical defect or if the unit ceases to function within a specific period of time. Read through all of the terms and conditions carefully so that you will not be caught off guard.

What are Your Unique Requirements?

In order to save money and to only purchase the tools that are required, this is the next parameter to examine. What is the purpose of the wearable device? Is it solely meant to be used as a fitness tracker or do you also hope to perform other activities such as SMS messaging friends and accessing the Internet. In such cases, more robust and flexible operating systems will normally be required. You can also expect to pay slightly higher although this is a worthwhile trade-off if the unit is able to be upgraded in the future and as more applications enter into the marketplace.

Technical Aspects to Analyze

This is arguably the most important section and it can also represent a slightly complicated topic. So, let's keep things simple. Always remember that the functionality of any wearable device will depend upon the amount of processing power in terms of memory. Those with a higher amount of available RAM and hard drive space tend to run faster and more efficiently. This is important if you plan to download a number of applications or should you be hoping to access 4G connection speeds.

Saving Time and Money

Always look online to determine which products are currently on sale. Use third-party comparison sites before making a purchase, as these will provide you with a great deal of information in regards to what other customers have had to say as well as which prices are the most agreeable. You can also wait for major nationwide sales events such as the Fourth of July, pre-Christmas offers and Black Friday. These will offer substantial rebates and the good news is that the majority of popular wearable gadgets are likely to be in stock. However, it is still wise to visit online distribution portals such as Amazon (particularly for electronics). These websites might be able to offer you an additional option in terms of low prices.

The Best Brands Within the United States Marketplace

Let's now summarize this article by quickly listing the most popular wearable devices within the United States Marketplace.

  • Samsung Gear 2
  • Google Glass
  • GoQii
  • Ocolus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • FitBit Fitness Tracker
  • The Jawbone UP fitness band